Metamorphoses Design


met‐a‐mor‐pho‐ses ( mēt'ə‐môr'fə‐sēz ) n., pl.   1. Transformations, as if by magic.   2. Striking changes in appearance,character or condition.


Metamorphoses Home Staging offers a wide range of staging services that will increase marketability of your property. We offer the following packages but can create a customized plan to meet your specific needs and budget. (Click on the links below!)


Our 2‐hour consultation is a low-cost and affordable option. We will do a complete walk-through of your home and provide a proposal with detailed recommendations.

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Vignette or Partial Staging

We can provide a little vignette or partial staging to create a vision or small illustration of how a space may look. The vignette adds character and warmth to an otherwise empty and unimagined space.

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One-Day Makeover

This is for clients who want us to work with their existing furnishings. We will come to your home and help you arrange and edit/remove furniture and accessories to enhance and maximize your space. This package is also very popular with non-sellers who often welcome a fresh and unbiased perspective of their home.

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Standard Staging

This is our most popular staging plan. We will stage the common areas (including bathrooms) with an option to stage the master bedroom.

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Full Staging

This package is the same as the Standard Package but all bedrooms are staged.

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Shop For You

We often have customers who want to purchase our staging furnishings or translate our staging skills to their new or existing space. If you love the scope of our work and want to create a similar design style—we can shop for you. Contact us to discuss your customized needs.

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